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place type

It is a small eatery located in front of Shimokitazawa 1st Avenue. The menu changes daily, so you can use it for lunch or dinner. A shop that is happy like a gentle taste like made at home.
place types: japanese

It is a clothing shop where various neat items are available in the Shimokitazawa North Area. In the shop based on white, items like brand-name adult-like items are gathered. A shop that can enjoy a sophisticated atmosphere.
place types: second-hand

It is a cafe with a journey motif in the alley of the Shimokitazawa South Area. There are abundant menus, such as world food and alcohol, anyway, you can enjoy it many times.
place types: cafe

It is a delicious baby castella shop, even if it is cold in Shimokitazawa North Area. There are always sweet smells around the shops. It has been featured in various media and is perfect for souvenirs in Shimokitazawa.
place types: dessert

It is a second-hand record shop in the alley just Shimokitazawa station. A commitment line-up centered on the 1920's and 60's. On the website, we also conduct mail order with detailed commentary.
place types: record,CD

Italian base tavern in Shimokitazawa North Area. All the dishes made by the owner who was an Italian chef for many years are gentle taste. Recommended when you want to spend a relaxing time with important people in a warm atmosphere in a small shop.
place types: izakaya

A sweet shop in Shimokitazawa South Area where you can buy a roll cake perfect for souvenirs. Dairy products such as fresh cream and butter for sweets are all of Kozu Ranch. You can eat rich soft cream that can only be eaten on the ranch.
place types: dessert

Used select shop for adult women in main street in Shimokitazawa North Area. It is a shop offering sophisticated items and high-quality coordination. There are also purchase items from some apparel brands, and it seems to be enjoying a combination with used items.
place types: second-hand

Outlet men 's clothing shop in Shimokitazawa North area. From the street line to the neat fashion are abundantly available. You can also find a bargain price reduction such as 70% OFF.
place types: mens clothes

Acupuncture and moxibustion clinic in Shimokitazawa South Area. The director who was a trainer of a professional wrestler carefully observes the symptoms and performs the operation.
place types: clinic

A shop of imported goods located just in the alley from Kamakura Avenue. Fancy items such as French accessories and antique miscellaneous items are available. If you are looking for gifts for women in Shimokitazawa, this is recommended.
place types: knick-knack

A hidden bistro in the alley in the Shimokitazawa North Area. As the name of the shop, it is a shop that shop owner's sense glows every corner, including a number of culinary delights and wine-based cocktails. Especially handmade charcuteries and cheeses tailored to wine are recommended.
place types: french

It is a famous French restaurant where entered the alley of the Shimokitazawa 1st Avenue. You can enjoy authentic bistro cuisine with giggle as the main. It is a shop where you can enjoy delicious hospitality, cuisine and wine in the shop wrapped in a warm atmosphere.
place types: french

A popular curry shop on the way from Shimokitazawa to Tohokuzawa. It is a famous shop produced by Mr. Takafumi Matsuo.
place types: curry

A small bistro in the 1st Shimokitazawa Avenue. You can enjoy authentic bistro cuisine in a homely atmosphere.
place types: french

Women's used clothing shop in the first shimokitazawa street. The coordination of the torso of the shop that changes every day draws attention. It is a shop for adults who are sort of elegant and cheerful items with their old clothes' personalities. Most old clothes items are items that carefully selected by the staff, and items that will fall in love at first sight will be found.
place types: second-hand

Located in the back of Shimokitazawa south exit, Oribe Yaki specialty store. I regularly hold an exhibition of writers' things, and I can find unique works. It is handy when you send Oribe Yaki as a small gift. There is a cafe inside the shop, you can enjoy coffee and snacks with Oibi-yaki equipment, and you can spend time enjoying your eyes and taste.
place types: knick-knack

It is a cafe specialized for tea with swings. You can enjoy tea arranged according to the season, and a variety of sweets that looks pleasant. Because it is in Shimokitazawa 1st Avenue within Shimokitazawa North area, it is good to try to go to this cafe for a shopping break.
place types: cafe

It is a shop of handmade accessories in Shimokitazawa 1st Avenue in Shimokitazawa North area. Hand-made unique texture and simple but sophisticated design is popular.
place types: knick-knack

It is a rare shop that runs a flower shop and a bar in the first shimokitazawa street. While visiting buying everyday flowers and enjoying drinking in the shop filled with seasonal flowers at the bar time, we also have a conversation with nature and the person sitting next to it. You can buy flowers and go home even if you are late at work in a shop that is open late.
place types: bar, flower