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It is unexplainable "bookstore you can play", Village · Vanguard Shimokitazawa store. This shop interior that is before the nationwide deployment is exactly a maze! Once you get with the person you went with, you can not meet easily, so please be careful.
place types: book, knick-knack

Shimokitazawa street shop of a popular female apparel store in Harajuku. Reasonable yet elegant items are available. It is a beautiful fashion shop, unusual in Shimokitazawa.
place types: ladies clothes

A wine bistro in a calm atmosphere in a place a little off the bustle of Shimokitazawa. At the counter you can taste the presence of the kitchen and at the table seat you can enjoy a chat with friendly people. Wine to match vivid and polite cuisine based on vegetables is a unique lineup. Of course, there are plenty of kinds of glasses as well as bottles.
place types: french

A hidden bar in the alley in the Shimokitazawa North area. A bar with world 's beer and a wide selection of dishes that match beer. It is perfect when you are looking for another one in Shimokitazawa.
place types: bar, cafe

A landmark of Shimokitazawa, unknown, Honda Theater. Top performances such as rakugo from concerts and concerts are performed. It is a theater symbolizing "Theater City / Shimokitazawa".
place types: theater

Shops in cafe and nick-nack full of cute shimokitazawa North area. You can enjoy the royal road cafe menu such as full of fruit tarts and fluffy omelet rice in the light shop with light that is inserted through a big window, just like watching. You can also buy souvenirs such as baked goods and flavored tea.
place types: cafe

Pioneer shop in Shimokitazawa which is a highly selected soup curry selection area. From standard soup curry, you can enjoy limited seasonal menu. Soup calendar that can eat enzyme brown rice is only here in Shimokitazawa.
place types: curry, place type

It is a select shop of men's old clothes in Shimokitazawa Ichibanchi.There are many fans of models and stylists, lineup of commitment line up. It is a high-tech shop that draws a line to numerous old clothes shops in Shimokitazawa.
place types: second-hand

It is an Izakaya in the Shimokitazawa North area where you can enjoy Japanese soba and yakitori. Soba beating in the shop can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. Sake is also substantial, it is perfect for gathering adults.
place types: izakaya

Pancake shop in Shimokitazawa North area. Besides sweet pancakes using plenty of fruits, there is also a meal-related pancake. Smoothies are also popular shops.
place types: cafe

Soufle pancake specialty store which always makes a queue in Shimokitazawa. It is located in the Shimokitazawa North area. In addition to the classic menu "Pancakes of miracles", there are also meal pancakes using bacon and salmon. We also recommend walking in Shimokitazawa, with a pancake pie available for takeout.
place types: cafe, place type

A baker who has been loved for many years in Shimokitazawa Ichibanchi. (It is in the Shimokitazawa North area.) We have a wide variety of old-fashioned delicatessen breads and bread breads. In the shop, you can enjoy freshly baked pizza with drinks, and the bench in front of the store is a place to take a walk around Shimokitazawa.
place types: bakery, cafe

Interior design shop located a little away from Shimokitazawa south area. Inside the store, samples such as lights using Brizaed flower and antique style fittings are displayed. One point item that you can buy on the spot, such as green. If you are suffering from the interior, it is a shop where various inspiration is born just by looking into it.
place types: knick-knack

Shopkeepers imported goods and coffee shop. It is in the alley of Shimokitazawa North area near Shimokitazawa Station. In small shops, cute packaged goods are lining up. America size coffee is a large capacity perfect for walking Shimokitazawa! There are soilates etc that also consider overseas customers, so there are directions from overseas as well.
place types: coffee shop, knick-knack

A cafe full of cute things in the alley of Shimokitazawa North Area. Menus that want to take photos without thinking, such as crepes in the form of roses, parfait shepherds are also popular.
place types: cafe

A bar far from the hustle and bustle of the Shimokitazawa South Area. You can also enjoy authentic cuisine in a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere.
place types: bar

A bar in Ikenoue which is a bit far from Shimokitazawa. It is perfect when you want to drink calmly.
place types: bar

It is a shop of coffee and sake in the Shimokitazawa South Area. Lots of records are lined up in the shop and you can spend a relaxing atmosphere. Records can also be brought in.
place types: bar

It is a yakitori shop on the way to Shimokitazawa from Higashikitazawa. It is small in counter store seats with 7 seats. It is recommended when you want to drink in a calm atmosphere away from the bustle of Shimokitazawa.
place types: izakaya

It is a shop of cupcakes with a pink appearance in Shimokitazawa 1st Avenue. A cute New York cupcake featuring flowers and hearts as a motif. In Omotesando, queues are made, but you can easily buy it in Shimokitazawa.
place types: dessert