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When walking in the Shimokitazawa North area, you will find a nice smell of roasting tea(Hojicha). It is a specialty shop of Japanese tea that has been loved by locals for many years. There is a cafe space on the second floor, and you can enjoy tea slowly. In addition, shaved ice of Hojicha limited in summer is extremely popular every year and I want to eat it once.
place types: Japanese Tea

It is a coffee shop where you can enjoy authentic coffee made by barista in shimokitazawa ichiban-gai of Shimokitazawa North area.
place types: coffee shop

Coffee latte stand in Shimokitazawa North area. Variety of latte arts is abundant, and it is possible to meet a completely different design every time. There is a gallery on the 3rd floor of the same building, and you can also enjoy the exhibit work from time to time with coffee. Smoking is also possible on the outside terrace.
place types: cafe, gallery

A counter bar of about seven seats behind the alley in the Shimokitazawa North area. While being a hideout but a friendly master will welcome you, you can enjoy alcohol without looking down at first sight. Popular in Shimokitazawa with an unusual authentic atmosphere.
place types: bar

It is a shop of clothes kimonos in Shimokitazawa Honda Theater Marche. You can pick up antique kimono with sense of treasure hunting. Price range is also reasonable, also recommended for kimono beginners.
place types: second-hand

It is an ethnic izakaya located in Shimokitazawa 1st Avenue where the signboard of the Showa retro cleaning shop is a landmark. There are loft seats inside the shop, so you can use it for gatherings in small numbers. If you want to eat deep pakuchi dishes at Shimokitazawa, please come here.
place types: ethnic

You can drink beer at the south exit of Shimokitazawa The bookstore. In the shop, lectures and seminars are held every week, too. The selected bookshelf who sticks to it searches for a book of his choice. There is also a lineup of books named after Shimokitazawa, and this is a funny bookstore for the opportunity to explore the charm of Shimokitazawa.
place types: book

All clubs on the outskirts of Shimokitazawa South Area Smoking permitted cafe. Inside the shop where lighting was suppressed slowly, it is a calm space where time flows, and you will get old in reading or reading. It is a famous restaurant that has been loved for many years in Shimokitazawa, where you can enjoy coffee served in antique cups with luxurious feelings.
place types: cafe

Large old clothing store of a long-established store in Shimokitazawa North area. The first floor is men's and the second floor is the ladies' floor. Inside of the wide store, in addition to the individual items bought overseas, items of original brands easy to match old clothes line up. Please try looking for unique treasure hunters unique to clothing stores.
place types: second-hand

Clothing store on the second floor of the alley where clothing stores in the Shimokitazawa North area gather. In Shimokitazawa, there are items centered on men's old clothes inside a slightly larger store, and unisex items that can use women are also available. Military, leather and other old clothes in a hard atmosphere are also abundant, and it is popular also for those seeking unique fashion.
place types: second-hand

Shop in the Shimokitazawa North area, Yakitori and wine shops where yellow lanterns are marked. All the wines selected carefully for the shopkeeper are selected to suit the yakitori. Besides grilled chicken grilled chicken from Bincho charcoal, attentive cooking from attractive elaborate to tightened parent and child bowls is also attractive. It is a shop where you can enjoy various ways of dating, grouping, or alone.
place types: izakaya

It is a popular shop especially in Shimokitazawa of the soup curry highly selected district. You can choose from 3 kinds of soup curry which can be eaten in the ethnic atmosphere shop, all of which are profound taste with soup stock working well, once you eat it becomes a habit. Also you can change rice of millet rice and it will be saved when you get hungry.
place types: curry

It is a tavern of beef tongue and vegetables in the alley in the north entrance of Shimokitazawa Station. Beef tongue has abundant variations from pottery to stew. In addition, it is also recommended to cook dishes using vegetables that the store owner sticks to the production area carefully selected. Even if you drink alone at the counter, it is a pleasant shop whether you and your friends will be happy to drink.
place types: izakaya

A well-established Italian restaurant in Shimokitazawa Kitaguchi. While in the basement, the inside of the store is open-minded thanks to the large windows and the green of the garden. The course meal is substantial and there is also space, so you can use it for a large number of dinners.
place types: italian

It is a coffee shop in Shimokitazawa Station North Exit. Coffee beans, which are stocked at all times by a couple of kinds, are roasted after order placement, so they are rich in scents a lot. There is also a coffee shop in the store so you can wait while drinking the shopkeeper's commitment blended coffee. On sunny days, enjoy the coffee while watching the streets of Shimokitazawa on the outside terrace.
place types: coffee shop

A French restaurant of a house standing behind the alley at the west exit of Shimokitazawa. You can enjoy from morning to dinner in the calm shop. It is an adult shop that you can taste luxurious feel like you came to a summer resort while you are in Shimokitazawa.
place types: french

It is a small bakery along the Chazawa Street, outside Shimokitazawa south exit. Although it is irregular holiday, it is a popular shop that will be sold out quickly when the shop is open. In Shimokitazawa it is rare, authentic baguette is reputed.
place types: bakery

A Japanese tea specialty shop located at the outskirts of Shimokitazawa South Exit. In the coffee shop inside the shop, you can enjoy Japanese seasonal sweets with Japanese tea. You can heal the fatigue of walking Shimokitazawa in a calm shop.
place types: Japanese Tea, place type

A shop of flowers and miscellaneous goods on the way from Shimokitazawa to Ikeno-ku. In addition to fresh flowers and potted plants, interior goods and postcards using owner handmade flowers line up in the shop full of natural atmosphere. We regularly hold workshops such as handmade leasing.
place types: flower