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It is a coffee shop that is always crowded in the Shimokitazawa South area. The deep roasted coffee brewed after ordering is rich in variations such as latte and can be enjoyed with handmade cakes and cookies. BGM in store which the shopkeeper who was doing the work of music also chooses sticking preference. You can also purchase coffee beans.
place types: coffee shop

It is a rare barber shop in the present era in Shimokitazawa 1st Avenue in Shimokitazawa North area. A shop that is good at a hair style that looks good with a slender suit.
place types: hair salon

A shop of glasses with a yellow exterior appearance in the Shimokitazawa North area. In a lively store like a circus, unique eyeglasses are available.
place types: eye wear

Record shop in the first shimokitazawa street. Inside the glassy bright shop, record jackets that can be used as interior are lined up and you will want to take them to your room. There is a CD in addition to the record, and it is categorized as being able to choose according to the mood such as "Cheerful" "Mellow", etc. There are pleasures to visit searching for one piece that suits their own feelings from time to time.
place types: record,CD

It is a brand recycle shop in Shimokitazawa North area. Chanel and other high brand items are in the same state as new. It seems that there are also people visiting regularly as long as the brand-name goods are obtained at reasonable prices.
place types: second-hand

A vintage store in Shimokitazawa Ichibangai within the Shimokitazawa area. Beautiful domestic and foreign items are gathered while there are unique clothes-like characters. Since it is an open shop, it is easy to enter and the inside of the store is easy to see.
place types: second-hand

Live house in Shimokitazawa South area. There is also a bar in the shop, so even when there is no live, we can stop blindly and enjoy sake while looking down the streets of Shimokitazawa.
place types: bar, live music

A well-established live house and cafe representing Shimokitazawa. A live house facing the road is unusual and you can enjoy lunch in a bright restaurant during the day. Shimokitazawa South area If you go down the slope from the station, you will arrive.
place types: cafe, live music

It is a select shop of eyeglasses in the Shimokitazawa area. Shopkeeping commitment lineup line up from individual glasses to orthodox eyeglasses. Shimokitazawa has many glasses shops, but if you are looking for something of fine quality, go here.
place types: eye wear

Wine bar of international cuisine, unusual in Shimokitazawa. The inside of the shop is a calm atmosphere of the counter only. It is a shop in Shimokitazawa 1st Avenue where menus which tickle curiosity are arranged like "What kind of dish?"
place types: bar, ethnic

Women's clothes popular at the net shop, Shimokitazawa shop of slickmist. Shimokitazawa unique, slightly unique and adult items are available. It is a shop where you can find clothes that you can wear to the office in Shimokitazawa.
place types: ladies clothes

French bistro that is loved by locals, in the first shimokitazawa street. You can enjoy bistro cuisine easily at reasonable price.
place types: french

It is a shop of women's old clothes that has several stores in Shimokitazawa. A retro lineup in Kitschu full of Shimokitazawa sense is popular. The price is also reasonably priced at 5,000 yen or less.
place types: second-hand

Shimokitazawa South Area, a bar along Chazawa Street. It is an adult atmosphere bar with a large selection of whiskey.
place types: bar

A shop in used clothes that has several stores in Shimokitazawa. Domestic manufacturer's ladies item is the main item. Many of the familiar brands are also available at prices that are easy to pick up.
place types: second-hand

It is a flower shop in the south area of Shimokitazawa, where the flowers in the beautiful season full of shops are characteristic. Arrangement of chic and unique design is popular. When you want to order flowers for adults in Shimokitazawa, go here!
place types: flower

A shop of used clothes with several shops in Shimokitazawa. From casual items such as sports series, we have all the unique items of ladies. Ideal for starting a used clothes shop around Shimokitazawa North area because it is close to the station.
place types: second-hand

A retreat cafe located in the Shimokitazawa South area. You can spend a relaxing time in a large shop.
place types: cafe

Shimokitazawa's only sandwich specialty store. Bottle meal sandwiches with plenty of vegetables are recommended for lunch. You can relax while watching the streets of Shimokitazawa on the outside terrace.
place types: cafe

A bar that has been loved since long ago in the Shimokitazawa South area. It is a shop where you can enjoy specialty coffee shochu and Nagasaki dish udon.
place types: japanese